Tuesday in Nepal

Our morning started earlier than planned with all the street noises and from the still, warm air. We went down to have prayer time with the children. We then had our breakfast on the porch with hard boiled eggs and nuts.

We walked the children to school and then came back to meet with the computer guy for him to adjust the wifi and to talk with him about a new UPS system for the house. Nepal does power rationing and it currently is off to the whole city for 7 hours. During the dry season it can be off for 14 hours per day. This makes cooking and studying difficult so there is a need for the backup system. It will be our largest expense for this trip costing over $900.

Our next adventure was to the grocery store. We went to look at washing machines so we could stop washing by hand. Here they have a machine that does both washing and drying. The cost was about $1100 which seemed very high and would use up the rest of our money that we brought for the home. Plus we were worried about the durability of it with 2 to 3 loads a day for twenty children. We are thinking about it or seeing what other needs might be better met. We also looked at a small microwave for the kitchen so children could heat up leftovers as needed. We are still deciding.  We did buy toiletries for the kids, a new pot and a few other items.

Bill and I both got measured for some new clothes and by then the children were home from school so we handed out all the goodies.

We rested for a little while as we waiting for the computer guys to come back and finish up with the UPS system. We did have ice cream while waiting.

Relaxing outside in the cool of the evening with the children playing. Dinner will be soon and then prayer time. After that I will be ready for bed, jet lag is catching up with me.





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