Wednesday in Nepal

It was a dark stormy night. Oh wait that is the wrong story but boy did it rain last night, all night.

Pray and devotion time was at 6:10am

We spent our morning on the porch eating breakfast and discussing theology with Pastor Martin. It was a good time as the children studied,  prepped for their exams and played.

9:00 am we walked the children to school, and spent some time with the principal discussing the school and the fee structure and how the cost is going up more and more each year. The principal provided us with an updated rate sheet so we can better prepare our budget for next year. It was a good visit and he invited us to havw tea with him at 7 am tomorrow at the achool.

Then it was off for more shopping to restock the home. We started at a clothes shop to get school socks for the girls and new hankies for all the children. Next we went to the appliance store amd bought a vacuum.  Grocery store purchases were microwave with some microwave safe dishes, large laundry basket, an indoor clothes rack for rainy days and some games for kids. One of the uniforms is all white and requires white shoes that get very dirty so we ordered new ones and those would be delivered. The tailor is also coming by to make some new green uniforms for the kids.

We got back to the home and waitrd for the children. Then we had the doctor come by to visit with us. It started raining heavy again but we got all our chores done before it. It was a nice visit with the doctor, he has given us free medical for the children many times and brings rice and other items. We also talked World Cup with him.

It was getting close to dinner time and the rain had stopped so we started a game of ball with a few children.  A new fitness plan was developed,  play ball with 20 kids, 4 balls and a frisbee all at the same time. We will fell that tomorrow.

Dinner was fish with rice and then we had our prayer time with the children. Our girls are very very shy so we did some a talk about boldness for God and overcoming our shyness to proclaim the Gospel.  It seemed to go well and the girls seemed to open up more.

Now it is bed time. It is nit cold this trip but we get to sleep on iron racks. I think I will need to get a massage when I get home.




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