Thursday in Nepal

Cats and dogs are cute except when making noise at dawn. So we were up at 5 am, dressing and preparing for morning prayer. No rain last night.

After prayer, it was time for us to go to the principal’s office (for breakfast, not because we were bad). We had a good visit and talked a lot about politics. As we were finishing up, I saw something furry running towards me so I yelled and jumped up. It was the largestest rat in the world. Ok no not really, it was just a mouse but I was glad to see him run the other direction. We came back to the home to walk the kids to school.

Our next adventure was ready to begin. I had made the mistake of asking to go out to a village to see rural life and to see the areas that have active traffickers. Bill further added to the mistake by looking up the village on the internet. He found it had a national park with great waterfalls.  In case you don’t remember, we are in Nepal, with the Himalayan mountains. So we decided we would go see the village to get photos and see the waterfalls. Can you see our mistake? To make this a little shorter, we hiked up for 45 minutes, up several thousand feet in elevations, over stairs, and rocks, and such. We got to around 7000 feet. Then better news, we had to climb down. It was beautiful and worth the trip but with all the huffing, puffing, sweating and being past by 70 year olds carrying 50 pounds on his head, it was a hard trek. The locals watched us intently. We even think they were wagering on if we would make it back or die on the trail. When we got down finally, one local stopped us and asked Bill how much he weighed because he is so much larger than most Nepal people.  I think he was all around astonished by our survival. Our taxi driver only added to our adventures by thinking he was a Formula One driver and if you know anything about roads in Nepal, that is not a good thing.

More shopping! Everyday,  someone remembers something that is needed for the home. This afternoon it was irons and ironing boards. Tomorrow we will need to get some black shoes and backpacks and then I think we are done other than some tourist type shopping for us.

I have not talked about are children too much because this is exam week for them.  Testing during school hours and then home to prepare for the next days exam. Saturday and Sunday we will get more time with them so you will hear more then.

We rested for a bit and then had several visitors. Mr Rudra (aka Bob) come over to say hello. The tailor came by with some of the clothes were are having made to try on. Bill is getting 2 custom made sports coats for $60 and I am getting 2 pair of custom pants for $13 each. They were very well made in just 2 days. We also had the children measured for new uniforms. Mr Farook was our next visitor, he is a friend of Pastor Martin and has done a lot to help our kids. Then the rains started again and poured and poured. The men ended up staying for several hours to keep dry. It was a really good visit. Finally a short prayer time, blogging and bed. I think tomorrow we will be a little sore.

I will post some photos separate from this because internet is not great tonight


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