Friday in Nepal

Morning routine as normal with more rain. Pastor Martin is not feeling well today so Bill and I take the children to school in the rain.

We decidef to let Pastor rest today so we made this our tourist day. We headed up to the Bhouda area to buy some gifts for folks. We also had to buy some new umbrellas for the children. We went to the Hyatt to make dinner reservations for Saturday and decided to have a spotof tea.

We headed back to the home and found Mr Farook and Pastor busy in the kitchen chopping up food. Mr Farook was making a special meal for us out of mutton. We watched and took notes so we can make it at home. The whole process took about 3 hours.

We had some small problems with the children this trip so we had a sit down with them amd Pastor.  It was a good talk and I think it will improve soon.

Before we ate dinner, the house owner invited us to stop by for some tea. It was more than tea! We had a really nice visit and it is always good to catch up with friends.

Back to the home for our special dinner, which I was only able to eat a few bites. But what I did eat was really tasty.

Prayer time and bed because tomorrow is a full day



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  1. Nancy Beale

    It is so good to hear what you are doing. Prayers for the children and Pastor that things go smoothly. Namaste!

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