Saturday in Nepal

No rain this morning, yeah!

In Nepal, Saturday is the only day that people do not work so  it is like our Sunday.  So Saturday is church day. The work week is Sunday till Friday.

We got up a little late so just had time to get dressed for morning prayer. It was a shorter service since we also have church today. After our prayer time, it was off to clean from top to bottom. I took some of the children upstairs to teach them how to use the new vacuum cleaner. We cleaned the carpet in our apartment to show how it was done. It was to watch. The children finished their chores in about an hour.

The church service is held at 10 am at the home. All the children attend along with about 15 others not counting us. It was a good service that lasted about an hour. Some of the children preached from various scriptures. They did a great job. Our building owners’ sons both attend the service every week. They are growing into such fine you men. Even there says she has Christian sons. It is good to see these fruits. After service everyone comes forward for a blessing and we got to be a part of that too. Pastor used my dad’s bible today in the service and it felt like he was here with us.

After church is quiet time, so we read while the children rested or played on the computer. It was a nice time to reflect.

It startef to rain again. This caused the tailor to be a little late.  He brought the children’s new uniforms along with the items we were having made. After we tried on our items, he held a class on sewing for the older girls so they can do simple repairs. Mr Farook and family stopped to say hello.

Then it was time for our big adventure., dinner at the Hyatt. It is so hard to put into words how wonderful this experience is for us. It starts with the 15 minute bus ride to the hotel. These children do not get to do this very often so they are always a little nervous. I spend the trip being held very tightly by all the girls that can reach me. They smile and are happy but each bump causes some more hand squeezing. Once we get there, we split us to ride the elevator.  I take the girls. I wish I could take you all with me on this short ride. It is me in the middle of the elevator with 12 girls all holding some part of me. The elevator starts to move and there are squeals od delight and a little fear and a lot of squeezing.  I can’t explain what a joy it is to be a part of this. I thank God for allowing us to see such things. The dinner was great and the kids loved it. Once again, Hyatt treated our children like royalty and I so appreciate it. Some have said it is extravagant and the money could be better spent. But as I watched the pure delight on each face I know it is the right thing to do. Every child deserves to be treated this special at least once in their lives. And since these are Christian children, they are already sons and daughters of our heavenly King.

Now we are home, prayets said and ready for bed. One of my prayers is that I can live long enough to do this again for these precious ones.

God Bless and good night from Nepal. A few photos will be posted separately.


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