Sunday in Nepal

Slept in a little this morning because I had some stomach issues during the night. The children have a school holiday until Thursday.

After the morning prayer time, we did some arts and crafts with the children. We had lots of beads and string so we showed them how to make various items and then let them do what they wanted. It was really fun. We sat outside for a while when we spotted some monkeys in a tree near by and we show the kids, that got them all very excited. Since they had free time today, they were playing with cars an d dolls and just being children.

We have a few more items on our list to get. So we headed out. Bill wanted to get some new sunglasses because they are great buys here.  Our next stop was for 6 new back packs for the children. On our way home, we stopped off to say hello to the master tailor and we had some tea with him. We also decidef to get some more clothes. Bill is getting a pair of pants and a shirt amd I am getting a pair of pants. Such great deals it is hard to pass up.

Once back at the home it was rest time.

After resting for a while, we took our individual pictures of each child. The rest of the day ended up being very quiet except for the heated football (aka soccer) game that the kids played this afternoon. Prayer time and bed.

Good night from Nepal and God bless


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