Monday in Nepal

Well it is our last day in the city, tomorrow we head up to the mountains.

It was a unrestful night last night due to the World Cup game  that started at 2 am here. Homes around us seemed to hold watch parties and since everyone keeps windows open for the cool breezes, the cheers,  laughing and yelling kept us up. But this allowed us to check the scores on the internet.  We were hoping for an Argentina win.

We were able to facetime with Kathrine and then Kristine at about 4:45 am our time. It was then time for morning prayer. The morning had the same schedule.

We knew several people had planned to come by today to say good buy. The first was the carpenter and painter that we use to maintain the home. They brought some various greens for the children also.

Our next visitor was Dr Singh. We had a really nice visit. We connected wirh him through Facebook so we can keep up.

We ran out to do our final errand for 4 pair of black school shoes and then back home again. The tailor brought the last of our clothes by that he made and we said our goodbyes.

By then it was rest time which we really did need to day.

Mr Farook came by but then had to run off to do an errand. When he came back he had bought us a lovely sculpture for our anniversary and a wonderful jewelry box. Then was saw him off in hopes to see him next time.

At prayer time, the children got us many wonderful parting gifts. Lots of tears and a great time of prayer.

We are suppose to see Mr Rudra in the morning to tell him goodbye.  This is always the hardest part of the mission, saying goodbyes. But God willing we will all meet again and if not in this world, then in heaven.

Photos posted separately.
Good night from Nepal and God bless


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