Tuesday in Nepal

Normal start to our morning. The one difference,  after prayer it was time to start packing for the restful part of the trip. We did have some visitors this morning. Mr Rudra came to visit for a while and the carpenter stopped in as he walked past.

Our taxi arrived at 11:30 am. It is so difficult to say goodbye but at least we will see them Friday before we go to the airport.

The drive to Nagarkot is 32 km (about 20 miles) and it takes about 90 minutes. Nagarkot is at 7500 feet on top of a ridge that givesyou 360 degree view of thr Himalayas. So the drive, I would say if you have issues with motion sickness or have fears of drop offs, then this would not be the trip for you. As you climb, the road narrows more and more and buses and trucks use this road. At one point a bus in front of us met with a truck coming downhill and then could not pass each other. The bus (and us) had to back up. It was a little like some of the IRT shows in India just not as high.

The place we are staying is beautiful.  It is called Club Himalaya Resort. The view from the room is breathtaking.  We look east so will get the sunrise depending on clouds. We walked all around and then just relaxed. Sunset can be seen from the roof terrace at 7 pm. It was very cloudy so saw some pretty colors but not much else.

We had dinner after the sunset and then early to bed, my stomach has been giving me problems today.

Good night from Nagarkot and God bless


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