Wednesday in Nagarkot Nepal

Morning starts early around here also. Sunrise is at 5:10 am so if you want to see the sunrise over the Himalayas you get up. It was cloudy this morning but it was still pretty to see the mist sitting over the valley.  We will try again tomorrow morning.

We went back to sleep for a while before beakfast. When we got up again we could finally see the snow tops of the mountains including Everest.  I can not put into words the thrill of seeing it. The range is about 80 miles from here.

Breakfast was a buffet with great options. It was good. At 10 am, we had massages.  The only reason I mention this is because 60 minutes was $18. Yes, that is not a typo. It was really a good massage.  The organization that runs the service, hires and trains women from the untouchable caste or women that have been rescued from human trafficking.  It is a very worthy cause and we got a benefit too.

We decided to walk into the nearby village to walk around. When we are in Kathmandu,  it is hard for people to see the poverty because the city is so built up. But in these villages, it is heartbreaking to see. I hope some of photos can really show it. This type of village is a hotbed for trafficking because parents will agree to sell one child in hopes of saving the rest.

We got back to the hotel and rested and swam. The cloud cover has been fairly thick today but you always get glimpses of the mountains. It is all very relaxing. Each afternoon or evening we sit on our balcony and watch the birds. This area of Nepal has over 800 species of birds. We think we have seen the Sun bird, a yellow tail oriole and others. They are beautiful.

The rain started to come down heavy so no sunset tonight. Dinner and then relaxing for the rest of the evening.

Good night for Nagorkot and God bless


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