Leeches and a hike from he’ll

Did you know that leeches can live in wet soil, not just in watet? Neither did I so read on to find out why that is important.

It was really misty this morning at sunrise but we did get to see the snow cap of Everest and surrounding area. We decided we would also try the 6:30 am yoga class but it was cancelled for today and Friday. So we settled for an early breakfast.  We chilled after breakfast because a heavy fog had settled in and visibility was not good.

Finally after 9 am, the mist started to lift so we thought we would go for a nice hike up to the viewing tower near the hotel, at least that is what the brochure said. It was an 8 km round trip and took us 2.5 hours to complete.  Why so long? I am glad you asked,  during the hike to the tower we gained somewhere between 1000 and 1500 feet in elevation (brochures all give different totals). The walk down was faster.

Now about the leeches.  So half way down the hike, I noticed something wrong with my shoe, like the lining was torn and bunching up. We stopped for me to look and when I took my shoe off, my foot was covered in blood. I looked in my shoe and found a little friend, a leech. He had already released from me and was lose inside the shoe. I had stepped on him also so some of the blood was from him too. I stuffed Kleenex in my shoe to stop the bleeding as we finished the walk down. We also released that the bleeding wound from 2 days ago was probably a leech also because of the way it bleed too. We went to lunch once we got back from the hike and then went to the hotel for me to clean up the foot. It was still bleeding so we doctored it was bandages and cotton and then I tied some gauze around it for pressure. I think it has stopped now. Never a dull moment on a mission trip.

Rested for a while (with foot elevated). The rain started to come down heavy again. So dinner and in for the night.

Good night from the land of leeches and God bless. The long trek home begins tomorrow.


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