Hurry Sickness

By definition, hurry sickness is “a behavior pattern characterized by continual rushing and anxiousness; an overwhelming and continual sense of urgency.”Feb 9, 2013 from Psychology Today

Do you suffer from “Hurry Sickness” It is a real thing as shown in the above definition from Psychology Today. Many of us suffer from this sickness especially in our 24/7 connected world. Hurry sickness robs us of our most important relationships. We become too busy for our friends, our family and our God. We are you sacrifices on the altar of busyness. Tom Stuart provides us some great ways to combat this disease. God never intended for us to be so busy that we cannot hear His voice. Slow down. Be still. Make room for your relationships especially with God.

Inspired by Jesus, here are five things Tom Stuart  found that are antidotes for us in combating the hurry disease. 

1.  Practice solitude!  Jesus did! (Mark 1:35)  Like Jesus, I love the early morning hours, to take time to commune with God and prepare my heart for the day. Uninterrupted silence is like manna, a person needs to savor it before the sun comes up and the to do’s of the day melt it away.

2.  Sit down!  Jesus did!  When Jesus was tired and wanted to conserve energy He sat down; whether it was at a well, on the Mount of Olives, in the temple or on a mountainside (John 4:6, Mark 12:41, 13:3, John 6:3)   What better prescription for hurry sickness than to take a well deserved break and sit down.  The important thing is letting your mind sit in addition to your body.  Studies show those who take regular work breaks are more productive than those who don’t.  That alone should be sufficient incentive to stop hurrying.

3.  Take a nap!  Jesus did! (Luke 8:23)  He could sleep anywhere, even in the midst of a storm on the Sea of Galilee.  I’ve found that nothing refreshes me more, when the storms of life are pressing in upon me, than taking a nap.  Invariably I wake up with a renewed energy and resolve to calmly face the challenges that are before me.

4.  Take a road trip!  Jesus did!  His times with His disciples traveling from village to village were times to think, talk, listen and learn.  I love road trips.  The longer the distance the better and the less traveled the road the more leisurely it seems.  Nothing beats time in the car, alone or with a worthy companion, to commune with God or one another and to recharge the soul.  And avoid hurry when you can by getting off the freeway and taking the scenic route.

5.  Set you own agenda!  Jesus did!  People all around Jesus including his own family members were urging Him to do all manner of things. (John 7:1-9)  But He always called His own shots and set His own pace, even in life or death situations. (Mark 5:25 & John 11:1-7)  It takes conviction and courage to say “Wait” or “No” to the myriad demands of life and to refuse to be a people pleaser.  And few things keep hurry at bay more than setting your own agenda and keeping your own time table.

May the Lord Bless you and keep.


Matthew 28:19 “Therefore, GO and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

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