Prayers for Orphans

Blog Post from Yvonne
Dear Lord,
We come to you today to offer up the children that we serve. We place them in your hands Father and we ask you to care for them. Please comfort them and provide the healing that they need to help them recover from the traumas that these innocent young children have had to endure: for those who have suffered from hunger, thirst, and the pains of malnutrition, for those who have had to live without adequate housing, lack of clothing, and no shoes, for those who have had to suffer through the experiences of abuse, neglect, abandonment or the death of one or both parents.
Please ensure that their basic needs are met so they are able to continue to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. Show them your mercy and invite them into your arms. Provide for them a parental relationship where they can talk to you and trust in you. Fill them with your love and grant them peace and security. Give them hope for a bright future and bless them with the opportunities of education and guidance to lead them towards that future.
We ask you Lord to please care for these and all the children of the world. Bless them and those who have the responsibilities of caring for them. Protect their vulnerable and innocent lives and allow for them to experience the joy and carefree happiness of childhood.
We place their lives in your hands Lord, in the name of your son Jesus Christ.


Yvonne with Orphan Relief Effort

Matthew 28:19 “Therefore, GO and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”


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