5 Ways to Fight Busyness

Do you suffer from “Hurry Sickness?” I found out that it is an actual condition, as shown in the definition from Psychology Today. They define it as “a behavior pattern characterized by continual rushing and anxiousness; an overwhelming and constant sense of urgency.” Feb 9, 2013, from Psychology Today. Does busyness interrupt our lives?


Many of us suffer from this sickness and don’t even realize it. In our 24/7 world, life never stops or never slows down enough for us to rest or to connect with those around us. Hurry sickness robs us of our most important relationships. We become too busy for our friends, family, and even God. So what do you sacrifice on the altar of busyness to get ahead in life?


I believe the pandemic helped some of us to realize the importance of slowing down. But, as our world opens up again, will we fall into the same patterns of busyness?

Good News

Take heart; we can overcome our need always to be busy and always in a hurry by following Jesus’ examples. Tom Stuart provides us with some great ways to combat a life full of busyness. His advice is a good reminder that God never intended us to be so busy. When busyness takes over, we cannot hear God speak to us. Slow down. Be still. Additionally, we need to make room for our relationships, especially the relationship with God.

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5 Ways to Fight Busyness

Inspired by Jesus, here are five things Tom Stuart found as antidotes in combating the busyness of life.

Practice Solitude Like Jesus

Like Jesus, I love the early morning hours. I use this quiet time to commune with God and prepare my heart for the day. Uninterrupted silence is like a gift from God. The time needs to be savored. When we take the time before the sun comes up, then the stress from our to-do list for the day melts away. (Mark 1:35)

Sit Down Like Jesus Did

When Jesus felt tired and wanted to conserve energy, He sat down to rest. Whether He was at a well, on the Mount of Olives, in the temple, or on a mountainside, Jesus rested (John 4:6Mark 12:41Mark 13:3John 6:3); there is no better prescription for busyness than to take a well-deserved break and sit down. And, the important thing about this action is to let your mind sit in addition to your body. Also, studies show those who take regular work breaks are more productive than those who don’t. That alone should be a sufficient incentive to stop the constant busyness.

Take a Nap Like Jesus

In Luke 8:23 we see Jesus sleeping on the boat. He could sleep anywhere, even during a storm on the Sea of Galilee. I’ve found that nothing refreshes me more when the storms of life are pressing in upon me than taking a nap. Invariably I wake up with a renewed energy and resolve to face the challenges that are before me calmly.

Take a Road Trip to Fight Busyness

His times with His disciples traveling from village to village were times to think, talk, listen and learn. I love road trips. The longer the distance, the better, and the less-traveled the road, the more leisurely it feels. Nothing beats time in the car, alone or with a worthy companion, to commune with God or one another and recharge the soul. And avoid hurrying when you can by getting off the freeway and taking the scenic route. We need to learn to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. 

Set Your Schedule

People all around Jesus, including his family members, urged Him to do all manner of things constantly. (John 7:1-9) But He always called His shots and set His own pace, even in life or death situations. (Mark 5:25 & John 11:1-7) It takes conviction and courage to say “Wait” or “No” to the myriad demands of life and refuse to be a people pleaser. And few things keep busyness at bay more than setting your schedule and keeping to your timetable.

Slow Down

Life is so much more than busyness. I don’t believe anyone lies on their deathbed and thinks they were not busy enough in this life. Busyness leads to disconnection from family, friends, and even God. Slow down, take time, and: “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” –Psalm 46:10


Prayer against busyness

Dear God,

Thank you that your yoke is easy, and your burden is light. Thank you for promising to give all of us who feel worried, rushed, and pressured rest and peace for our souls if we’ll just come before you. We’re so grateful for your reminder that we don’t have to carry it all independently. Forgive us for the times we’ve tried to fix things in our power, not taking the time to rest, or not coming to you first with our needs and burdens. Please help us slow down, fix our eyes on you, and remember that you are our true peace and strength. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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24 thoughts on “5 Ways to Fight Busyness

  1. JD Wininger

    Amen Ms. Yvonne. Something I learned, and continue to learn, is that sometimes we have to say “No” to others so we can say “Yes” to God. Yes, God wants us to work for Him, but He wants us doing the work He has for us, not the work we think He wants us to do. A real difference maker in my life, and one I seem destined to keep learning. It’s hard to say “No” to others who want you to do good, but if God isn’t in it, then you only expend more time and energy than would be needed if the person God will to do it would have.

    1. Very true JD. We need to spend time on our knees seeking the things God wants us to do. Saying yes to everything just keeps adding to our unnecessary busyness. Thanks and blessings on your day.

  2. These are great tips for having a more balanced life. Jesus modeled it for us, as you spelled out so well, and if we will follow in His footsteps, pausing to rest, talking to the Lord, taking time.

  3. Tammy

    I had to learn to say “No” when it was affecting my health. I was on the verge of burn out, and a friend shared with me that if we don’t take care of ourselves first, how can we be who God needs us to be? That was the the first day of the rest of my life. From that point on, I wasn’t afraid to say, “Thank you for thinking of me, but I am not able to commit at this time.” This gave others a chance to use their gifts as well…and I could be a better me.

  4. Jessica Brodie

    Absolutely EXCELLENT, and your suggestions were great! I constantly struggle with this, and intentional solitude has been really helpful, but I think the others are excellent and will be planning to incorporate those, too. Thank you!

  5. I confess to being too busy. I know it, but still continue to be too busy. Your strategies are great and I use some of them–take a walk to slow down, set a schedule (that I tend to overload), take a trip (which works!), spend time in God’s Word (need to do more), and pray (need to do more). Thank you for this kind reminder that I need to do better. You’ve blessed me today.

  6. Lyme disease taught me to sow down. I would have liked to learn a different way but it did the trick. I learned to take care of myself and my time with God. My time with Him became vital. I love you suggestions. Long road trips are the best.

  7. Thank you, Yvonne. I’m not familiar with the term “hurry sickness” but the definition is eye-opening. And I agree, the pandemic did teach most of us to slow down and not run through life at breakneck speed. These examples of Jesus are perfect.

  8. I too struggle with the “busies”. And I love the seasons of quiet for study and fellowship and rest. Thank you for the reminders to set the busies aside. God bless, Yvonne!

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