Life Verses

I grew up in a Christian home. I don’t ever remember a time when my family did not attend church, well at least until I got to college when my attendance fell off. My childhood revolved around church activities and attending services. These times anchored my faith and formed me into the person I am today.

I think back on many wonderful memories of those days. I loved attending church camp with old friends, making new friends and spending time in nature. I enjoyed my time as Girl Guide (A Canadian group like Girl Scouts). I laugh when I think of the Christmas when we did a live nativity scene in the church parking lot. I laugh because the temperature was -15 degrees Ferinheiht and snow covered the ground in huge snow drifts. Each child only stayed outside for fifteen-minute intervals to avoid frostbite. Once inside the church, we all got our fill of hot chocolate to warm us back up.

As a young adolescent, my parents encouraged me to select a verse out of the Bible and make it my life verse. Mom explained that I should pray for God to provide such a verse and then to pay attention to any verses that kept showing up in my church events. I followed her advice, and soon I did notice a reoccurring verse. My life’s verse became Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. “


I memorized my verse, and I recite it often when l find myself struggling with a situation in my life. This verse is the anchor of my faith when the storms of life blow me off course. I find comfort in the words when I walk through times in the desert when God seems far away. And I find it a balm for my aching soul. Choosing a life verse is some of the best advice my parents offered me. In the more recent years, my husband picked a life verse also. I memorized his verse as well. His verse is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” I believe I can use these verses as part of my armor of God to fend off any evil attacks.


Finding your life verse does not have to be a complicated process. After a quick search on Google, I found many sites that can help you with this process, including quizzes you could take to help with the selection. I think the best method is asking God to show you a verse and then waiting to see what verse keeps popping up. God is faithful and will provide when you take it to Him in prayer. If you pick one, and later on it does not seem right for you, you can pick again. As life changes, there is nothing wrong with looking for a new verse to fit the new season of this life.

I would love to hear about your life verse or the process you went through to pick one.


Yvonne with Orphan Relief Effort

Matthew 28:19 “Therefore, GO and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Prayers for Orphans

For the next several Thursday, I am going to provide some ideas of how to pray for the orphans in our world. Working together with God, we can change the world for these lost children.

Please pray for our Nepal orphans

  • A bug has spread among the children and many are sick with headaches and fevers.
  • For good grades in school as they finish the year
  • For their future in a country that is hostile to Christianity
  • For each of them to grow in God’s grace and love
  1. John
  2. Ruben
  3. Leah
  4. Abraham
  5. David
  6. Esther
  7. Daniel
  8. James
  9. Titus
  10. Hannah
  11. Elizabeth
  12. Rachel
  13. Naomi
  14. Martha
  15. Issac
  16. Obed
  17. Matthew
  18. Micah
  19. Gideon
  20. Mary
  21. Dan
  22. Ruth
  23. Rebecca
  24. Sarah


Yvonne with Orphan Relief Effort

Matthew 28:19 “Therefore, GO and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

What’s in a Name

Have you ever looked up the origin and meaning of your name? Some families name children after other family members. This tradition was not the case for picking my name. My parents chose this name because they liked the name. I did some checking and found out my name, Yvonne is French and refers to the Yew tree. Back in olden days, bows were made from Yew wood so the name may have referred to an archer. I fount it interesting to learn the history behind my name.

My given name will always be Yvonne, but my last name changed when I married, and I took on my husband’s name as my own. I took on a new identity as I became Mrs and the name change reflected my new marital status. I also received a new identity when I had children and received the new name of mom.


Naming conventions vary among cultures. In Kenya, for example, a bride takes her husband’s first name as her new last name. I would become Yvonne Bill using their custom. In a male dominated society such as Kenya, this name shows I belong to Bill. Many children are named based on a time of day or weather event. The name Achieng means born at mid-day, and Okoth name means born during the rainy season. Based on the name, Kenyans understand the circumstances surrounding a child’s birth.

In countries like Nepal, a person sometimes changes their first name when they accept Christ into their lives. The usually pick a name out of the Bible for their new identity. Someone born with the name Kumar might pick the name John as his Christian name. This change announces the person’s new-found belief in Christ to their world.


Our names and how we got them are paramount to our family and us. It identifies us as part of something larger than ourselves. We belong to a family, community or a clan. As I read all about names, I think the most important aspect for me, is the knowledge that Christ knows my name. When we follow Christ, He adopts us into His family, and we become sons and daughters. Galatians 3:26 “For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.” We even take on a new name in the family of God, we become Christians, meaning Christ like. How exciting is that new name? This new name is one name I don’t ever plan on changing.


Yvonne with Orphan Relief Effort

Matthew 28:19 “Therefore, GO and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”