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Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. When household accidents happen, we can call 911 to mobilize the help we need. A crisis on a ship or a plane causes a Mayday call to go out over the airwaves so first responders are ready. People lost in the wilderness can send the Morris Code for SOS to alert others of the dangers they face. We have many ways to tell others we need help during a disaster.

But what options do we have when the trauma occurs within our souls. Terror might strike our hearts as we wait for a diagnosis. Fear can grip us as we get word of a pending layoff at work. Sadness feels overwhelming with each death of a loved family member. Where do we turn when the emotional crisis strike?

The Bible provides us a lifeline for the problems we face daily. Within the pages, God offers up wise words to calm our troubled souls. He stands ready twenty-four hours a day to answer our calls for help. Below, you will find some verses to use the next time you need some extra emotional support.

9-1-1 Bible Verses:

These verses that I listed are just a sampling of what the Bible has to offer us when we are struggling. God gives us ample resources for all circumstances. Many churches can also provide ideas on how to cope with a situation. We never need to suffer alone when we are part of God’s family.

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