God’s Name – Jehovah Nissi

My Lord, my God, My Jehovah Nissi
The Master who stands guard over me
He is my protector and fights on my behalf.
He leads me by still waters using His staff.
I lay down in peaceful meadows of lush green.
He directs my paths to avoid trouble foreseen.

Excerpt from my poem, The Names of God
The names of God
Jehovah Nissi
Blog by Yvonne

Biblical History

Jehovah Nissi translates to “The Lord is my Banner.” The reference comes from Exodus as the children of Israel wandered through the desert. During that time, they encountered many hostile territories which sent out armies to fight them. The Israelites had no organized militia since most of the people were former herders. Their success came from God in the form of a pillar of fire, and a cloud of smoke which traveled with them and protected them day and night. God was their banner of protection.

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In Exodus 17, we find the Israelites preparing for battle against the Amalekites. As the battle rages, Joshua looks up to see Moses with hands raised on a nearby hilltop. As Moses tires, he lowers his arms, and the Amalekites begin to win the fight. Aaron and Hur found a stone for Moses to sit upon as they held up his arms. Eventually, the Israelites prevail. Moses built an altar and named it Nissi as a memorial to the event.


Let’s look at what a banner is, so we all have the same understanding:

The noun banner often refers to a long sign that is announcing or advertising something. A banner might declare “Congratulations!” “Free Hot Dogs Here!” or, at a protest, “We’re Not Going to Take It Anymore!” Banners have also gone virtual; it’s hard to avoid seeing at least one annoying advertising banner across the top of any highly-trafficked website. A banner can also be a flag, as in “The Star Spangled Banner,” or a championship banner hanging in a school gym.


Banners help us celebrate events, such as a championship. Or they can be used to help us commemorate things like holidays.

Meaning for us today

Identifying God as our banner reminds us to celebrate Him and to remember all the great things He has done for us. His flag over us tells the world that we belong to Him. And like a badge shows who we work for, we are recognized as God representatives in our communities. These emblems of God also help attract others to come and join us as we celebrate our mighty Savior.

Psalm 46:1 ” God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

But wait, there’s more. God’s banner also offers us His protection during our lifetimes. Just as God protected the Israel people from the Amalekites army, He offers us the same defense from evil. An ancient translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek uses the term “kurios kataphugê mou” – the Lord is my refuge as another way to explain Jehovah Nissi. As we battle throughout our lives, looking up to see God’s insignia over us provides us with a feeling of hopefulness. He is our refuge and our strength.

Verses to Help

We may no longer have a pillar of fire to guide and protect us. Instead, we have the sword of the Bible to help deflect the arrows of our enemies. Here are some verses to help us recall our Jehovah Nissi:

The name Jehovah Nissi shows us how the Lord is our banner. His banner identifies us as belonging to God. The same pennant allows us to celebrate Jesus’ victory over the grave. And, finally, we are offered protection when we are under His banner. The name Nissi provides us another powerful insight into the true nature of our Lord.

Join us next week as we look at the name Jehovah Rapha

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